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How do you carry all of your Kitchen accessories? If you're like us you've carried them in a Rubbermaid tote with everything starting out neatly nested and tucked away within. As the days of a trip progress the organization of said tote becomes, well, jumbled.

My wife and I both hated the 2nd and 3rd (etc) days of the kitchen jumble..."Have you seen the forks?" "Where are the wine glasses?!"

With Beth being quite skilled as a designer/crafter of some of our own furniture and cabinets, she decided to build an organized, easy to set up and care for Kitchen Kit...a Chuck Box if you prefer.

It started out life as a TV cabinet from Sams Club, it spent many years in our PA house holding up an awfully heavy 27" TV. Since it was just a cheap pine cabinet she (being the artist she is) painted it with a cloudy sky motiff.


Since this cabinet was just taking up space in our new house, it got chosen for a conversion! This is what my wife came up with.

It fits on the truck rack next to all the other gear boxes. It's fairly watertight, we've travelled with it in various rainstorms with no leakage.
And it very neatly stores all of the items necessary for a family of four: Plates, cups, silverware, stockpot, bowls, coffee press, griddle and grill, and more:





The stand is a folding metal sawhorse from Lowes, we modified it to allow the box to sit atop it securely, and the sawhorse is quite stable.


She built the box last spring and we had several occassions to use it and see how well it works. I have to tell you it's solidly built, fairly lightweight (although it sure is easier to place on the rack with two people), and extemely well organized. No more of the digging frustration trying to find that potholder!

You can see here the way it sits on the rack (that's the one on the passenger side if your eyesights not so good!), packed and ready to go!

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Very nice job! Kudos to your wife for the build, it looks like it does the job well. I built a similar kitchen concept a few months back, and have had the chance to use it a couple times. It works great! Its very nice knowing where everything is.

I used it this past weekend in France, here are a few pictures of my box.

Opened up in "cook mode"


Closed in "travel mode"


where it fits in my Jeep




Jim65wagon, Stumptaco, Robert Bills,

What are the overall size of the each of your boxes? Looks to be maybe 1/2 birch plywood.

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pete.wilson said:

Jim65wagon, Stumptaco, Robert Bills,

What are the overall size of the each of your boxes? Looks to be maybe 1/2 birch plywood.

Pete Wilson

Our box is 33"L x 14" D x 13.5" H It's just small enough that I can pick it up by myself and load/unload it from the truck rack...

It's 1/2" pine, not plywood. It's the smaller pine strips glued together to make a wider board. That's the way the original cabinet was built. And I know it's made me sneeze when we cut the cabinet down to size!


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We are doing this for now...

That is a practical box, something you made? Or a commercially made unit? Would love some more details on that.

My chuck box, built by an outfit called Kamp Kitchn:

Shown sitting on top of my old "chuck box" which was just an old military plastic container filled with our food needs in no particular order. I've just about got the Kamp Kitchen setup to eliminate the other box.

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