Pass-through really necessary?


I forgot to mentio that in my experience being able to see out of all 4 sides of your house is very valuable and even comforting - as when you see that a weird noise is not a dangerous signal.


Another "I forgot to mention: "that having a p-t that you can securely close [mine is 8ga stainless panels that lock from the house side] allows much more secure RORO shipping and other storage. Though of course a simple chainsaw can in a moment cut a hole in the side of any modern EV house. My conclusion is there is NO 100%-secure realistic build.


For US travel I really like the convenience of a passthrough. I also really like the noise reduction of not having a passthrough (you don't have to listen to all your crap rattling around in the back). I've never needed a pass through for an emergency situation and feel quite secure in a camper without a passthrough.

I also think "integrated camper" means one that is not commonly removed from the vehicle passthrough or no passthrough.


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Pass thru is only convenient if you travel with others, if you travel solo, there is no real advantage.

On the security thing...... if there are guys outside with guns...... pull the covers over yer head and hold yer breath. I cannot imagine how crawling thru, starting the engine and driving could be a wise choice when they have guns. Animals tend to scatter when humans make noise so unless you are stalking that cougar, in the minute from opening a door and getting in the truck I cannot imagine a problem, be noisy, turn on the lights,


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Big time gap on this thread.
I spent the last few years pondering what type of RV or camper I wanted, (lived in Hawaii at the time). The only pass through that I considered was a 4wd super C but I finally settled on a slide in.

I really like the idea of a separate truck and camper. Besides the resale advantage, truck companies spend millions on R & D for crash safety. I have seen pictures of RV accidents and they are ugly. I think the additional safety on the road outweighs any obscure situation where having cab access while parked could offer.

However, it does seem convenient to be able to basically pull over and crawl into bed without exposure to the elements.


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And it is nice when there are 'no men with guns' and you still feel weird to be able to get up an leave when it suits. I've spent many days never leaving the vehicle if I didn't have to because I didn't have to. But then again its a matter of what you need to do and what you want to do.

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Ok did not read thru all the posts but for us pass thru is a big yes. For all the reason I saw posted and our primary are for the dogs, bathroom during transit for the passenger, ability to restock drinks on the go...

Saw the post about noise with a pass thru...we have a door and when its shut all the noise issue go away.


the pass thru for
-making lunch
-seeing on all 4 side of the vehicle at night
-i love been able to take off quickly without having to get out of the vehicle. It might never serve a purpose but i sure allow me much better sleep at night!
-pass-thru with a door, allow to keep the rear cabin nice in cold in summer!

i owned all the different kind of rig but for my current lifestyle with 3 kids... it s essential. I need a walk in pass thru, not a crawl in!!!


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Could we see some pics of people's pass throughs?

They seem to be a kind of often ignored part of documenting vehicles.....



g7x pics_8 - Copy.jpgIMG_20210413_183452.jpg
More a walk through than pass through. We drive with the door in the open position. If a drawer has been left open by mistake or the cat wants our attention I want to hear it. The noise level is not much different open or closed.

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