2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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Gentlemen -
I know most of you. As you know, I've owned over 30 land rovers over the course of time, but no more.

That said, this banter back and forth is getting out of hand. Opinions are like the split bottoms upon which we all sit. My Power Wagon will do anything my NAS 110 would ever do, but never look as cool. I love the Land Rover. But, I hate the Land Rover. Most do. Everyone needs to take a chill pill, and reassess each post before you hit submit. Otherwise, I'm locking this thread down with the next reported post. Proceed with caution please.


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Well, Gerry got what he wanted all along - a rehashed version of the DC100.
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So a reasonably equipped 110 is going to be $80K+. Not surprised.

For me SOTA likely ends any possible consideration of the new Defender.


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Why? I don't know much about SOTA, so curious as to what are the issues with it.

Would like to see the fine details of the license. My concern is that Land Rover 'monetizes' your data by selling it to "3rd parties" which is anyone and everyone. In addition you now have a wifi/cell link to you vehicle. While Blackberry is working with them on security there are issues. If I was an insurance company I would price vehicle premiums accordingly.


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It looks like what the Discovery should have been. It's nice, but it's not awesome. Definitely a vast improvement over the current Discovery and RRs, but I was expecting some wow factor- this is the DC100 basically. The black roof is cool and it's good to see LR take off-road accessories into account; the front end is terrible. Hopefully, the mechanicals will measure up- time will tell.
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