Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)


Got the second coat of paint done and let it dry for a couple of days, nothing special. But now we can start throwing things onto the exterior!

IMG_20201004_142809 copy.jpg
We replaced the rubber for the rear door stops. Because, you know, you never want to reuse old rubbers.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 9.18.30 AM.png
Cleaned up and painted all the exterior hardware.

IMG_20201008_172057 copy.jpg
Even got the new exterior lights on!

IMG_20201008_201956~2 copy.jpg
Wow, these things are super bright! They will be wired 2 lights per switch, so you can choose which of the three sides you want on.
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I do have link. Here you go. I got the 3000K lights. They have an awesome gasket seal on the back of the light. Unfortunately, they leaked water inside. The water comes in through the hardware holes for the bolts. Added an o-ring to the mounting bolts and that seemed to fix the issue.



Since the paint has been dry, we kept mounting stuff to the outside.

IMG_20201008_205644 copy.jpg
Using a 10' ladder to get to the roof all the time is going to get old. So we mounted these awesome folding steps.

IMG_20201008_205659 copy.jpg
Now it's super easy and convenient to access the roof for things like cleaning the solar panels or having a picnic up there.


Paint all done, all exterior stuff refinished and reinstalled! with all that done, we'll be able to start insulating and covering all our access that we don't require anymore.

IMG_20201013_174421 copy.jpg
She is actually semi-presentable now.
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Insulation is in full swing!

IMG_20201009_075950 copy.jpg
Started with the rear wall. The space was 1.5", give or take. So we started with a layer of 0.5" foam, cutting it super exact to the space required.

IMG_20201009_170856 copy.jpg
Lots of little bolts and bumps and brackets to fit these to. My OCD was exploding.

IMG_20201009_081316 copy.jpg
One layer done.

IMG_20201009_161251 copy.jpg
The second layer of 1" fit super snug inside this aluminum angle framing! Another technique used was overlapping the seams.

IMG_20201009_184305 copy.jpg
And finally taping all the seams.

IMG_20201009_201318 copy.jpg
Snug as a bug! Took all day to do just those two sections. So glad we're not doing the whole van in foam. That would take weeks to do!
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The time has come. After much mental strain, anxiety, and attempts to delay, the roof needs some holes. The roof is one giant sheet of aluminum. Way too pretty to mess with, but we must push forward!

IMG_20201014_111225 copy.jpg
Gee willy these fans are expensive! But boy do they sure work great. We got a simple, in the middle grade version. None of that silly electronic remote mumbo jumbo. But one of these paired with just another roof vent should be plenty for our needs.

IMG_20201014_134953 copy.jpg
Cut the interior ceiling out and removed the old insulation.

IMG_20201014_134849 copy.jpg
Just for giggles, let's see how much of a difference a little insulation makes.

IMG_20201014_134903 copy.jpg
Safe to say we won't have a heat problem from direct sunlight.

IMG_20201014_135225 copy.jpg
Got some scrap wood cut down and framed out both ceiling spots.

IMG_20201014_154014 copy.jpg
Oh boy, that's it! No turning back now!

IMG_20201014_165004 copy.jpg
This hurts to look at, I hope it doesn't rain today...

IMG_20201014_165704 copy.jpg
Very glad we framed these holes out. Very strong and stiff to walk around.

IMG_20201014_172148 copy.jpg
Got the proper self leveling sealant and pre-drilled all the holes.

IMG_20201015_151054 copy.jpg
And just like that, fans are in!


Everything I read says they are kinda required. Some people even install them in the walls. I can't give up that precious wall space though. You just gotta measure 8 times and bite the bullet, cutting into the roof.


Finally in expo white.
I like the build, it’s gonna turn out great.
In regards to the goofy non overdrive transmission, I am aware that in some medium duty auto transmissions they electronically lock out the overdrive to intentionally reduce speed. I think this is done because the tires are not rated for the speed overdrive would allow.

I would look the speed rating(and date code) for those tires.
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Thanks! And you know, that is a really good point about the tires and road speed. What better speed governor on a manual transmission than to just remove a couple of gears!


Things are rolling right along with interior business.

IMG_20201014_081546 copy.jpg
On the way home from work, scored this sweet countertop for next to nothing!

IMG_20201015_170858 copy.jpg
Got the ceiling insulation all squared away.

IMG_20201018_123303 copy.jpg
Sometimes you can't score good deals. Been trying to source some used material that would work well for the van build. Couldn't locate good material, so we had to bite the bullet and purchase a dozen new sheets of birch plywood. Oh gee willy, that was a hit to the wallet. ?

IMG_20201020_121731 copy.jpg
On a positive note, a neighbor donated a can of wood sealant. We sealed the back of all the wood that will face towards the insulation, in case as moisture does get in the walls, the wood will have a chance. Also, we need more horses.


I know, I know, everyone wants to see the interior in and done. But we still have prep work and preventative maintenance to do first!

IMG_20201019_120839 copy.jpg
Had about 25 holes like this in the floor. Most were from self-taping screws that the bakery had done to mount all their racks and such. Bimetel corrosion between the steel screws and aluminum floor was not pretty. Note to self, don't do that when doing the interior build. We felt it was a good idea to clean up and weld shut.

IMG_20201019_181907~2 copy.jpg
Oops. So I had a box of 4.5" sanding discs, and a 4" angle grinder. Right thing to do would be to go buy the right discs or grinder. The smart thing to do is to remove the safety guard. Now to be fair, before I started, I held it in my hand and thought last minute that this was a terrible idea, especially to use in tight corners. So hey, at least I put gloves on.

IMG_20201019_175001 copy.jpg
Got a new pair of clean gloves to put over bloody hand and got back to work. Welds aren't pretty, but it'll more than do.

IMG_20201020_145659 copy.jpg
Once ground down, it's like they were never there.

IMG_20201019_140040 copy.jpg
Had a bunch of adhesive stuff to remove also.

IMG_20201019_142315 copy.jpg
Also noticed an issue with one of the wheel wells. Maybe it was from the 600 pounds of plywood that was leaning on it the other day? They are welded on the outside. So we'll just weld it from the inside.

IMG_20201019_170631 copy.jpg
Clamped it back to shape and welded it back.

IMG_20201019_203455 copy.jpg
Got everything cleaned and caulked up.

IMG_20201019_205531 copy.jpg
Added these angle brackets to the middle of the stock pocket door housings to stiffen it up to the bulkhead wood framing. Now when we mount our plywood interior, the aluminum won't be so flexible.

MVIMG_20201020_145640 copy.jpg
Caulked as much as we could. Ignore the blood stains, they aren't from the victims that came for the "Free Candy", I promise. ?

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